Green Energy in France: Providers, Offers and Tariffs in 2023

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Green energy is becoming increasingly popular in France, with over 1.6 million households converted in 2016 - and numbers only going up. But with so many contracts and providers available, it can be hard to decide which to opt for. The following guide is here to help shed light on the green energy suppliers, offers and contracts to choose from in France in 2023.

Which suppliers in France offer green energy?

green leaf

With more and more renewable energy offers appearing on the French market, you have more than enough green options to choose from!

The main differences between them will be in terms of the pricings (both for subscription and the price per kWh) and the extra perks they offer, as shown in this rundown of the French green providers, with their tariffs and characteristics in 2023.

Green Energy: list of providers in France (without tax, as of 2023)
Provider Cost of subscription Cost per kWh More info
total spring
Same as with the regulated tariffs (RT) 2% cheaper than the RT

One of the most popular green energy suppliers in France

Voted Best Customer Service of 2019.

Prices are fixed for 1 year.

Mint Energie
Mint Energie
Same as with the RT 12% cheaper than the RT

The 100% Online & Green offer is particularly good value

Note that you won't have access to over-the-phone Customer Service.

More expensive than with the RT

Cheaper than the RT

The price per kWh is not indexed to the RT but to the EPEX market, and is thus cheaper.

More expensive than with the RT

A lot cheaper than the RT

Puts clients and suppliers in contact via an energy sale/purchase platform.

You can choose between wind, solar and hydraulic energy.

Same as with the RT Same as the RT With the Astucio Planète offer, the price per kWh can decrease over the years.
Ohm Energie
OHM Energie
11% cheaper than the RT (offre Petite Conso)

11% cheaper than the RT

(offre Petite Conso)

Offers innovative solutions, such as an offer for smart meters or a personalised tracking system.

More expensive than with the RT Same as the RT

With the 100% web offer, you get access to very cheap deal

No over-the-phone support.

happ-e logo
Same as with the RT Same as the RT The Happ-e Offer Verte is slightly less good value as its competitors.
Urban Solar Energy logo
Urban Solar Energy
% cheaper than the RT

Same as the RT

Specialises in self-consumption of solar power solutions
energie dici
Energie d'Ici
More expensive than with the RT Cheaper than the RT A small and local hydropower producer, operating 8 dams nationwide.
Electricité de Provence
Electricité de Provence

Same as with the RT

10% cheaper than the RT

A green supplier with interesting discounts on the price per kWh

Helps support local producers.

Will depend on the offer chosen

Same as the RT

Comes with prices fixed over 1 or 2 years, protecting you from potential RT increases.

sowee logo

Same as with the RT

Same as the RT

Includes a very high-tech connected station.


More expensive than with the RT

Cheaper than the RT

Created by 49 EDLs

Offers a good green offer named Idea Vert.

More expensive than with the RT More expensive than the RT

A committed and militant provider.

Supplies itself via local producers.

More expensive than with the RT More expensive than the RT The Offre verte is 100% green, but isn't among the cheapest offers on the market.

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What are the cheapest green energy offers on the French market?

Among all the providers presented above, 5 of them stand out as they provide the cheapest green energy offers on the market, helping you save a lot of money on bills, while at the same time consuming in a more responsible way.

Green energy in France: the top 5 cheapest providers in 2023
Supplier Green Offer Why choose this provider? Price of a kWh with tax (in base option, for 6 kVA)
Mint Energie 100% Online & Green
  • Each kWh is 12% cheaper than the RT (before tax)
  • Awarded the Selectra Prize of Best Young Green Electricity Prize of the Year 2020
Mega Energie Offre Home
  • 100% green energy.
  • Offers 13% off the RT (before tax).

What are the greenest energy offers on the French market?

renewable energy

By opting for any of the green offers from the energy providers mentioned in this article, you are guaranteed to already contribute to having a lesser impact on the environment. But this said, several suppliers, such as Enercoop, ilek and Ekwateur stand out in terms of their commitment to curbing global warming.

But what makes them particularly green? This could be thanks to several of their actions that go beyond the standard green supplier, such as choosing local production sources and partners or investing significantly in renewable production sites, or even incentivising their customers to consume less.

More information about the "greenest" of the green providers in France below.

List of some of the greenest providers in France
Supplier Why choose this supplier?

 Awarded the Selectra Prize of Best Green Supplier of the Year 2019.

 Supplies hydraulic electricity, purchased from small and local plants.

Electricité de Provence  Committment to local and renewable energy, with sites based exclusively in Provence.

 Charges high prices, but in exchange of a cooperative, innovative and sustainable energy supply.

 Offers a new social model to support renewable and local producers.

energie dici

 Allows clients to consume and invest in a truly renewable electricity.

 Acts locally to bring together small hydropower producers.


 Connects its customers to small producers of wind and solar electricity.

 Received the 2019 Green Selectra Award

What actually is green energy?

An energy is called green when it is renewable, or in other words, that it comes from a source with naturally renewed stocks. Green energy comes from various sources, each presenting both pros and cons.

How is green energy produced?

solar energy

The answer is: it depends on the natural source used.

 Hydropower is created via the force of water, using dams and hydropower plants.
 Wind energy is created by the wind, with the use of wind turbines.
 Solar energy is created through the power of the sun, which is captured by photovoltaic panels.
 Biomass is created by burning matter (like wood), by converting matter to biofuels, or by extracting biomethane from organic waste.

What makes green energy "green"?

An energy can be considered "green" when, contrary to fossil fuels, it fulfills the following criterias:

 It doesn't exhaust the planet's natural resources

 It doesn't negatively impact the environment

 It doesn't pose any public health hazards.

What's more, green energy is different to non-renewable energy, in that its production is intermittent. This means the creation of these energies is dependent on external factors, as sunshine for solar energy, wind for wind power, or rainfall for hydraulic energy.

Why opt for green energy?

Green energies have some great advantages to offer both consumers and the planet:

  • They are cleaner than fossil fuels
  • They are readily available in big and inexhaustible quantities
  • They don't create harmful and radioactive waste
  • By opting for green energy, you can actively contribute to the energy transition and limit your carbon footprint
  • After amortisation, producing such energies becomes cheap and very attractive in the long term
  • Prices for customers are relatively low and often even below the EDF regulated rates.

Get started with a green energy offer today! Contact one of our English-speaking Selectra advisors today at 01 86 26 53 46 or get a free callback. We will be able to you sign up to the renewable energy plan that will best suit your needs and budget.

How can I be sure that I'm purchasing green energy?

environnement EDF renouvelables

Once injected into the network, green electricity becomes mixed in with other types of electricity, meaning it is impossible to distinguish the different energies.

To solve this issue and enable the traceability of green energy sources to the final consumer, France has created a system of guarantees of origin. Such guarantees certify that the supplier has produced or purchased electricity of renewable origin.

Suppliers generally use 2 methods to ensure the traceability of green electricity and obtain these guarantees:

  1. When they are themselves the producers, they can have their production audited and that way receive the certification.
  2. When sourcing elsewhere, suppliers can:
  • Directly purchase green electricity and the guarantee of origin attached to it
  • Purchase the electricity and simultaneoulsy guarantees of origin in sufficient quantities to cover the consumption of the green offers they commercialise.