Engie Contact: Customer Service & Phone Numbers

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One of the major energy providers in France, Engie has a comprehensive Customer Service. Whether you need assistance with your account, information about your bills or want to solve a dispute, you can get in touch with Engie via phone, mail or online. All the provider's contact details can be found below.

The Engie Telephone Numbers

The Engie phone number to you will have to call depends on your query, as explained below.

Contacting Engie by phone for general queries

Here are all the Engie phone numbers you may need:

The Engie Customer Service Phone Numbers (for french speakers)
The query concerns: Engie Phone Number Availability
Moving home 09 69 36 05 73 Monday to Saturday: 8am-9pm, Sunday: 10am-6pm.
An Engie bill or contract 09 69 39 99 93 Monday to Saturday: 8am-9pm, Sunday: 10am-9pm
Saving energy 09 69 32 34 35 Monday to Friday: 9am-6pm.
A Happ-e contract 09 77 43 17 59 Monday to Saturday: 8am-9pm.
If you are calling Engie from abroad + 33 2 38 52 85 70 Monday to Friday: 9am-6pm, Saturday: 9am-5pm.

In the case of a gas emergency, you should directly contact GRDF, the French gas network. It is the only authority that is able to intervene in case of gas leaks or gas meter issues. The GRDF emergency number is 0800 47 33 33, available 24/7 and free to call from a landline.

Phone number to subscribe to an Engie contract

engie client service

If you wish to sign up to an energy contract with Engie, you can directly call our English-Speaking Selectra advisors, who will be able to find you the contract right for your needs and budget, with assistance given in English.

Simply call Selectra at 01 86 26 53 46 (non-surcharged number, available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 8pm, Saturdays from 9.30am to 6pm), or ask for a free callback.

  • Before calling, make sure to have the following information at hand:
  • Your full address and that of the former occupant
  • Your banking details, if you wish to pay your bills via direct debit
  • A recent meter reading
  • Details about your gas consumption: use for cooking or heating, devices used, home surface...

The best times to contact the Engie English Helpline

The Engie Helpline is available from Monday to Friday, but you should carefully choose the time of day and week to make your call if you want to avoid long waiting times.

Below is a summary of the average affluence day by day, in order to avoid being put on hold:

Availability of the Engie Customer Service
Time slot Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8am-12.30pm High Medium Medium Medium Low Medium
12.30pm-2pm Medium Low Low Low Low Medium
2pm-6pm High Medium Medium Medium Low Low
6pm-9pm Medium Low Low Low Low Low

Need help setting up your utilities in France?Contact Selectra at 01 86 26 53 46 (or get a free callback). An English-speaking advisor will help you choose a supplier and set up your energy and other utility contracts for free, to help your move to France be stress-free.Announcement - Selectra is Engie's partner

Other ways to get in touch with the Engie Support Team

If you aren't able to contact Engie over the phone, or feel more confortable communicating by other means, the provider also offers support online and by mail.

Contacting the Engie Customer Service online

engie customer service

Want to contact Engie on the Internet? Here are your options:

  1. To contact Engie by email: fill out this Engie contact form. If you already are an Engie customer, you'll be additionally asked to provide your client reference (9 to 10 digits, found on your Engie bills).
  2. Engie also has a whole FAQ section on its website, which may help solve your query instantly.
  3. Finally, you can reach out to Engie via social media, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube.

Contacting the Engie Customer Service by mail

engie client service

If you prefer to get in touch with Engie by mail for a customer service-related query, simply send your letter to the following postal address:

TSA 92104
76934 ROUEN CEDEX 09

If on the other hand you are looking to contact the Engie HQ, send you mail off here:

Siège social Engie
Faubourg de l'Arche, 1 Place Samuel de Champlain,
92930 Paris La défense, France

How to contact Engie in the case of a dispute

Should you encounter a dispute with your energy provider, the first step is to send off your letter to:

TSA 27601
engie complaint

If this isn't sufficient to resolve the dispute, you will have to escalate it to the Médiateur National de l’Energie, an external, high instance authority which mediates conflicts between energy suppliers and their clients.

You have 2 months following your initial complaint to Engie, if the response you get in unsatisfactory, to get in contact with them. To contact this Mediator, write your letter and send it off to:

75443 Paris CEDEX 9