Engie in France: Offers, Tariffs and Contact in 2023

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Formerly known as GDF Suez, Engie is a French historical gas provider, and is still the biggest provider of gas in the country today. This guide goes into detail about the offers and tariffs Engie has to offer, as well as how to sign up to a energy contract or how to get in touch with the supplier.

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The Engie Offers

In France, Engie is the only natural gas provider to offer what are known as the regulated rates, or RT (tarifs règlementés), which are set by the French authorities.

Pricings are revised a few times a year.

The Engie Regulated Tariffs

Depending on where you live, you a may be charged differently for an Engie contract. Indeed, the supplier applies 6 rates for 6 parts of France, known as zones tarifaires.

For instance, Lyon and Marseille are in the zone 1, whereas Paris and Toulon are in zone 2, Nice is in zone 3, Gap in zone 4, Albertville in zone 5 and Villeroy zone 6. The classification is based on how easy - or difficult - it is to transport natural gas to a certain region, which is why in some small, rural towns prices for gas will be higher.

Note that, regardless of where you live in France, the price of subscription is the same for all household in one given consumption class.

Good to Know!For gas, households have 3 consumption classes to choose from in France: Base, B0 and B1. Base is for small consumptions - say, for cooking only - B0 is for using gas for hot water, and B1 is for large consumption such as for heating a home.

The Engie Regulated Tariffs (with tax)

Gas Class

Price of subscription
(in €, per year)
Price per kWh (in €)
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
Base 102.12 0.1284 0.1284 0.1284 0.1284 0.1284 0.1284
B0 102.12 0.1284 0.1284 0.1284 0.1284 0.1284 0.1284
B1 249.84 0.1035 0.1042 0.1050 0.1057 0.1064 0.1071

The majority of households using gas in France go for the GDF Suez/Engie regulated tariffs, but some are unaware that they could save money on bills by opting for an alternate gas provider, which are plentiful in France and offer guaranteed discounts on the set RT.

Engie vs an alternate supplier, Total Direct Energie
Supplier Price of subscription Price per kWh price Commitment period For more info
Engie (RT) Fixed French authorities Fixed by French authorities


You can leave or go back to the RT at any time

Contact Engie


(Classic offer)

Identital to the RT

5% cheaper than the RT



You can cancel at any time without a fine

Call Selectra at
01 86 26 53 46

The other Engie offers

In addition to its RT natural gas offers, Engie provides some other, competitive offers for both gas and electricity. More about these below.

The Engie competitive offers: electricity
Name of offer What it includes For more info
Happ-e Electricité
  • 8% off the EDF RT (before tax)
  • A 100% online-based customer service
  • 2-year guarantee on the discount
Call Selectra at 01 86 26 53 46
Reference Elec
  • A price fixed for 2 years
  • Transparency in terms of prices
  • Electricity is of renewable and green origin
Elec Weekend
  • 30% discount during evenings and weekends
  • Electricity is of renewable and green origin
Call Engie at 09 69 36 05 73
The Engie competitive offers: gas
Name of offer What it includes For more info
Engie Gaz Tarifs réglementés Prices fixed by public authorities every month Subscription unavailable
Reference Gaz
  • Prices are fixed for 3 years
  • Complete transparency
Call Selectra at 01 86 26 53 46
Confort Connecté
  • Prices are fixed for 3 years
  • 15% off the RT
  • Comes with a smart thermostat
Call Engie at 09 69 36 05 73
The Engie competitive offers: gas and electricity ("offre duale")
Plan What it includes For more info

The GDF RT for gas +

An Engie competitive electricity plan

Varies according to which Engie option is chosen Call Engie at 09 69 36 05 73
The Duo Connecté offer
  • Prices for gas/electrcity fixed for 3 years
  • Electricity of renewable origin
  • Rates can decrease if the RT decreases
  • A smart thermostat
The Duo Reference offer
  • Prices are fixed for 2 years
  • Highly detailed invoice
  • Electricity of renewable origin
Call Selectra at 01 86 26 53 46

The Engie online offer: Happ-e

Engie has created a low-cost, online-olny offer for electricity, known as Happ-e. It was desinged to compete with the Total Direct Energie 100% Online offer, which is highly competitive.

Happ-e offers 0% la 1ère année seulement% off the EDF RT for electricity, and you will be guaranteed this discount for 2 years. Because of this, Happ-e is among the cheapest providers in France for electricity. It is a good value offer and will be a good option for you to consider, so long as the online-based customer service won't be a bother for you, and only need electricity (as in, not gas as well).

The Engie Fixed Price Plans for Gas

Another option offered by Engie is the fixed price plan for gas or electricity. Here, pre-tax prices for each kWh are set for between 1 and 3 years. With Reference Gas and Reference Duo, you can even get reductions from one year to another if the regulated tariffs happen to decrease during that given year. You can opt for these fixed price contracts anytime, and cancel them at anytime too, free of charge.

Be aware that Engie will typically reconduct your contract for another year when the contract reaches the initial expiry date - but don't worry, you'll get notified well ahead of time of the expiration.

Want to make extra savings on your energy bills? Engie's Ma Conso (ex-Cap EcoConso) service can do just that. It comes in the form of an app, connected to your meter, which will help you track your consumption and get monthly summaries of your activity by email.

The Engie Renewable Energy Plans

Great news: in 2019, Engie's electricity offers are all fuelled by green energy. The provider sources this renewable electricity from its very own French hydroelectric plants.

The Engie Plans for Smart Meters

If you own a smart meter, called "Linky" in France, you will be eligible to the Engie Heures pleines / Heures creuses offer (a peak/off-peak system), which comes with 30% off the electricity your consume during evenings or weekends (a plan called Elec Weekend). The plan comes with a 2 year contract, even though you can still cancel it whenever you wish.

How to Contact the Engie Customer Service

You may, at one point or another, need to contact Engie. If so, below is how to do so.

Engie English-Speaking Customer Service

Good news: Engie provides online content in English, and this can be a first way of getting answers to basic questions. However, the provider does not have an English-speaking helpline.

If you would rather formulate a written query, you also have the option to submit your question via the Engie contact form.

You can find out more about the ways to contact Engie in France in this other, detailed article.

Other Contact Information for Engie

Engie's customer helpline is 09 69 39 99 93 - just bare in mind that it may only be able to provide you help in French. You can reach the centre between Monday and Friday 9am-8pm and on Saturday 9am-1pm.

Setting up an Energy Account with Engie

Have you just moved to France? If so, a top priority of yours will probably be to set up a gas or electricity contract, in your name. To do so, you can either opt for an Engie contract with the RT, or you can otherwise go for a cheaper, competitive contract with an alternate provider.

It's advisable to check out all the offers on the French market before settling for one - to do so, you can use this energy provider comparison tool to find the plan right for you.

To subscribe to Engie, get in touch with them, making sure you have the following documents and info at hand to activate your account:

  1. Your contact details - full name, e-mail address and phone number (French if possible)
  2. Your full address (address of the place you need electricity in)
  3. If possible and applicable, the previous occupant's name
  4. If you want to pay by direct debit: your banking details (IBAN and BIC, also known as "RIB" in France)

How to Cancel a Plan With Engie

As explained above, in France you can cancel an energy plan at any time free of charge, as providers are forbidden to apply fees for early cancellation. This make the process of switching providers safe and simple, and what's more you don't even need to notify your current supplier of your decision to switch to another, as your new provider of choice will do that for you, and end your contract.

You have the option of terminating your Engie plan either over the phone, via your online Engie account, or via mail (send it with signed for, or in French "lettre recommandée avec avis de reception").

You will be asked to give the following info during you call to Engie:

  • Your name and contact details (email address, phone number, new address)
  • Your Engie gas or electricity account number
  • The date you have chosen to terminate your contract (typically your moving-out date)