TotalEnergies in France: Offers, Prices and Contact in 2024

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TotalEnergies is one of the largest energy suppliers in France, with a client base of over 4 million. Created following the fusion of Total Spring and Direct Energie, it offers various electricity and gas plans cheaper than the regulated tariffs. Find out all about the provider's offers, how to contact them and subscribe below.

The TotalEnergies electricity offers in 2024

TotalEnergies has 2 types of offers for electricity:

⚡ TotalEnergies electricity offers

TotalEnergies | TotalEnergies electricity offers
Eco Electricity Hours
(Offre Heures Éco Électricité)
Prix du kWh :
0.2516 € TTC
Prix de l'abonnement :
150.64 € TTC
  • Exclusive discounts on the price of kWh ;
  • A free annual meeting with an expert.
Fixed green electricity offer
(Offre verte fixe électricité)
Prix du kWh :
0.2177 € TTC
Prix de l'abonnement :
150.64 € TTC
  • French green electricity certified by Guarantees of Origin ;
  • An electricity price exclusive of tax locked in for 1 year.

6 kVA base rate price
à jour au 1er janvier 2024

TotalEnergies: comparison of electricity prices with tax (2024)
Meter powerEco Electricity HoursFixed green electricity offer
With Base option 
3 kVA0.2516 €0.2177 €
6 kVA0.2516 €0.2177 €
9 à 36 kVA0.2516 €0.2177 €
With Peak/Off Peak Option
6 to 36 kVA
Peak hours0.2795 €0.2334 €
Off-peak hours0.1927 €0.1795 €

The TotalEnergies gas offers in 2024

TotalEnergies has 2 types of offers for gas:

TotalEnergies gas
TotalEnergies | TotalEnergies gas offers
Green Fixed Gas Offer
(Offre Verte Fixe Gaz)
Prix du kWh :
0.1060 € TTC
Prix de l'abonnement :
257.16 € TTC
  • Gas price fixed for 1 1 year ;
  • 10% of green gas from France certified by Guarantees of Origin.
Special 2 gas offer
(Offre Spéciale 2 gaz)
Prix du kWh :
0.0873 € TTC
Prix de l'abonnement :
257.16 € TTC
  • 5% discount for 1 year on the price of kWh excluding VAT ;
  • A lower subscription price than the reference price of gas.

Price for gas consumption between 6,000 and 11,000 kWh per year (gas heating).
à jour au 1er janvier 2024

TotalEnergies: offers for gas (2024)
Use of gasSpecial gas offerGreen Fixed Gas Offer
Hot water and cooking0.1101 €0.1340 €
Heating0.0873 €0.1060 €

How to subscribe to a TotalEnergies offer

Think TotalEnergies is the right provider for you? Here is how to subscribe - the process is, as you will see, free, seamless and very quick.

Switching from a provider to TotalEnergies

In France, the process of switching your gas or electricity supplier is free, easy and quick.

You don't even need to notify your current supplier of your wish to change, as your new provider of choice (in this case TotalEnergies) will do that for you!

What's more, you won't experience a power outage during the changeover process.

To subscribe to TotalEnergies, you can get in touch with one of Selectra's English-Speaking advisors by calling 01 86 26 53 46, or asking for a free callback. Our team will help you set up a new contract that'll fit both your needs and budget.

list TotalEnergies

In order to facilitate the process, have the following information at hand prior to the call:

  • The latest bill you got from your current supplier
  • A recent meter reading
  • If you plan on using direct debit to pay your TotalEnergies bills, your banking details (ideally a French IBAN).

TotalEnergies doesn't offer English-speaking customer service It is worth noting that TotalEnergies doesn't offer an English helpline, something you need to consider before signing up if you aren't comfortable with communicating in French.

Signing up to TotalEnergies after moving home

Subscribing to TotalEnergies happens a little differently if you have just moved into a new home in France.

Here, you can also get in touch with an English-speaking Selectra advisor at 01 86 26 53 46 to get signed up to the provider, but after the call, an Enedis or GRDF technician will come to your address, in order to open your meter.

In this case, your new provider TotalEnergies will help arrange the appointment by being the intermediary between you and Enedis or GRDF.

This appointment comes at a cost:

  • 1,66€ for electricity
  • 20,94€ for natural gas

For gas, you might have to wait up to 5 days for your gas meter to function.

How to contact TotalEnergies in France

You can contact TotalEnergies in several ways - just choose the one which works for you!

How to contact TotalEnergies over the phone

You can reach the TotalEnergies customer service by calling the number 09 77 40 50 60 (Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm) for queries regarding bills, consumption or your current gas / electricity plan.

The phone number for TotalEnergies HQ is 01 55 48 05 80.

TotalEnergies unfortunately won't be able to provide Customer Service in English, so just keep this in mind if you are considering signing up with the provider.

How to contact TotalEnergies online

You have several means of getting in touch with the provider online:

 Via the TotalEnergies online form,

 By sending an email to [email protected]

 Via the TotalEnergies app (available for iOS and Android).

 Via the supplier's social media platforms Facebook Messenger and Twitter, but also on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. The provider typically responds quickly on weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm.

How to contact TotalEnergies by mail

You can also write to TotalEnergies, with 2 addresses depending on your concern.

Contacting TotalEnergies's Customer Service by mail

To write to TotalEnergies customer service, simply address your letter to:

TotalEnergies - Service Clients
TSA 21519
75901 Paris CEDEX 15

Contacting TotalEnergies Headquarters by mail

If on the other hand you need to contact the provider's HQ, the address is :

2 bis rue Louis Armand
75015 Paris

Who is TotalEnergies?

TotalEnergies is the product of a fusion between former suppliers Total Spring (which bought Lampiris in 2016) and Direct Energie. The electricity supplier today focuses more and more on green electricity, with an electricity supply offer sourced 100% from renewable origins.

The new provider has ambitious objectives, as it is aiming to have 6 millions clients in France by 2025, and 15% of the market.

By becoming a larger and more powerful supplier, TotalEnergies is becoming one of EDF's major competitors in the electricity sector, and of Engie in the gas sector.